Accessibility at Turtle Crawl Inn

4235 Gulf of Mexico Drive
Longboat Key, FL 34228
Telephone: (941) 383-3788

Turtle Crawl ADA 302(e) list of accessible facilities (pdf version)

Important Information Regarding Accessibility Needs

Please be advised that the Turtle Crawl Inn is not a place of public accommodation as defined by the American Disabilities Act (ADA). Rather, individual owners separately own the Turtle Crawl Inn units. Each residence is different and offers unique facilities and amenities and for this reason the Turtle Crawl Inn is largely inaccessible to persons with disabilities, including persons using a wheelchair. Of course, whether the Turtle Crawl Inn is accessible to you depends on the accommodations and features you require. Please call to discuss any specific questions about the Turtle Crawl Inn and the residence in which you are interested.

The following features will give you a sense of what is and what is not accessible:

Parking Accessibility
There are two accessible parking spaces which are 14.25 feet wide with a shared access aisle that is 5.5 feet wide
Please call with any specific questions about parking

Accessibility of Public Routes
The routes are paved, have pavers, gravel and sand depending on the area
The routes do have changes in level more than 1 inch
The routes are largely inaccessible to a person using a wheelchair
There are elevators to upper floors, however, the elevators are not 100% ADA compliant
Please call with any specific questions as to public routes

Entrance Accessibility
Many entrances have a raised threshold of 1 inch or higher
Some doors have lever hardware, however, other doors provide round door hardware
Some units are accessed only by a stairwell
Please call with any specific questions as to entrances and doors

Residence Accessibility
The features of each unit vary depending on the owner
The furniture and placement in each unit vary at the discretion of the owner
Some units have bathtubs and others have showers
The bathtubs and showers are not 100% ADA accessible (i.e., controls, seats, thresholds, and space)
The restrooms, water closets, and lavatories are not 100% ADA accessible and lack space for a wheelchair
Some residences provide lever door hardware
Some residences provide grab bars inside the bathtub/shower
Please call with any specific questions as to residence accessibility

General Accessibility of Areas, Facilities and Amenities
The laundry facility is inaccessible and would not accommodate a wheelchair
Service animals are welcome (consistent with ADA)
Swimming pool is inaccessible, and a wheelchair lift is not available
The outside restroom features are inaccessible
The property does not provide a teletypewriter (TTY) for guest use
Please call with any specific questions as to general accessibility, facilities, and amenities

The Turtle Crawl Inn consists of multiple buildings constructed in the 1960’s and 70’s. The facility is not a place of public accommodation as defined by the ADA and, therefore, does not meet the accessibility requirements of the ADA. That said, there are some accessible features at the facility. We have attempted to identify and describe features at the Turtle Crawl Inn and its residences in enough detail to permit individuals with disabilities to assess independently whether it meets their personal accessibility needs. However, we cannot possibly list each and every feature of the residences, amenities, space or elements applicable under the ADA. We are also aware the individuals with disabilities are not all the same and may require different or unique accessibility features to accommodate their needs.

We encourage dialogue with our prospective guests and all persons interested in being guests. We welcome your questions and will do our best to meet your needs. Please contact our office staff with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Rebecca Burden
Nicole Burden
Telephone: 941 383 3788